Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Weight Watchers...

Most of the time, I go with the flow.  I embrace change because I know that change is good and always constant.  While I appreciate your approach to a more healthy way of eating,  there are major changes in your program that take away what I love most about WW - convenience!

For instance, my points slider has become ineffective immediately as you are no longer counting calories in the mix when figuring out points value.  Now, you are asking me to purchase a $10 calculator to take with me to the supermarket.

My favorite Hungry Girl recipes are all labeled with the old points system. Not to mention that I already knew the points values of my favorite foods.  It is going to take a lot of time to recalculate all of that.

Hopefully, I'll get around to embracing this change in my life. It would have been nice if you waited until January to roll out the new program. Aren't we busy enough in December?

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