Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Resolution for 2011: Unsubscribe!

I subscribe to way too many email lists.  It is time to start weeding them out and clean up my email inbox once and for all. 

First, I went to Fandango. I recently purchased tickets to see Megamind.  It was very convenient - right down to printing the tickets out instead of standing in line on Christmas Day. But, after I saw the movie, I received 3 emails - one to confirm the tickets, one to see if I liked the movie (why do they care?) and one to offer me other tickets to buy. No thanks. Unsubscribe!

It took me a few extra minutes to figure out how to unsubscribe from  I don't need this website now that there is Facebook.  Apparently, unsubscribing is not good enough. You must close your entire account.  Of course, this option is not easy to find on the website. When I found it, I acutally yelled out, "A-HA, I found you!"  I was very pleased. Unsubscribe!

Then, I went to my work email account where I was recently put on a list serve called Atomic Survival.  This very scary email tells me all about the people who are out to destroy the world and what I can do to save myself and my loved ones.  How I got on this email list - I do not know.  Unsubscribe!

Now, if I could only find a way to unsubscribe from the emails that I get which are all in Hebrew.  Apparently, they don't understand English and refuse to release me from their strong cyber-grip.

Finally, there are the store websites that deliver sales information, coupons, free shipping and more.  These are the toughest ones for me to unsubscribe from.  For G-d sake, they provide me with coupons!!!  Why would I unsubscribe from savings?

I'll tell you why - because these companies email me once or twice a day and cause a blockage in my inbox that only a cyber-plumber could fix. Unsubscribe! (Except for maybe Barnes & Noble and Borders - I really use those).

So, here is New Year's Resolution #1 : When I give my email address to a website, I will look for the fine print and little check box that is always checked automatically for me to receive emails from now until forever.

Stay tuned for more resolutions and Happy New Year!   

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