Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why I don't keep an "S-list"

Recently, someone asked me if they were on my "s-list."  I assured her that not only was she not on my list, but that I don't even keep such a list.

I think the concept of an "s-list" is just not in my nature.  There are many people in my life who love and support me for who I am and what I do.  There are other people who do not.  These people are not on any "s-list" because I don't spend my precious time worrying about them.   Why focus my energy on those who have wronged me and in turn be miserable?  What lesson does it teach my kids to be constantly upset and aggravated all of the time?

There is a great book that came out last year called "The Happiness Project."  It tells the true story of an author who spent a year focusing on things she can do every day to be happier in her life.  I loved this book and decided that I would much rather be a happy person too.  Here are some values in Judaism that prevent me from ever having such a list and keep me happy, such as:
  • Shalom Bayit - Family Harmony
  • Gemilut Khesed - Acts of Loving-Kindness
  • Hakhnasat Orkhim - Acts of Hospitality
By embracing these things in my own life, I will thankfully never have a need for such a list.

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