Friday, December 24, 2010

Buried Treasures

While in the process of my home makeover, I have taken a lot of time to go through my closets, playroom, attic and shed. I've uncovered many treasures to keep and others to part with. Here is a brief list:

Baby furniture - Goodbye to strollers, booster seats and exersaucers. You did us good, but our kids are too big to play with you now.

Baby clothes - I parted with many clothes, but I had to keep a small sampling of how stylish my kids were as toddlers.

Maternity clothes - I had some great maternity clothes but now they too have been donated to someone who needs them. But, not before I went through each one and remembered my favorites.

Pictures from my bachlorette party - I couldn't throw them away but I hope my kids don't find them anytime soon.

My corsage from my senior prom as well as pictures of me at other formal dances. My daughter decided she liked my Junior prom dress the best.

Old diaries that I will probably let my kids read some day. They are living proof that I was once their age a long time ago.

Have to run, the next closet and piles of bags and boxes are calling my name. Feels good to purge lots of stuff and still take a walk down memory lane.

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