Thursday, June 2, 2011

Parent Olympics

This weekend was the unofficial beginning of summer and the opening ceremony to what I like to refer to as the Parent Olympics. It happens every June.  The school year starts to come to a close. There is less homework and yet a frenzy of activities to cram into the 3 weeks that are left. 

There is no training for this. Many of the competitors are amateurs, like me. There are a few ringers who have played the game for so long that they have turned pro.  These are the moms who are prepared for any circumstance with band-aids and wipes at an arms length and water bottles and treats for everyone.

Then, there is me.  I've aced the jump start to the library which is the pre-qualifying event to the much more difficult ones. Yesterday, I  brought the school's summer reading list to the library and picked up the books that my kids selected.  Extra points are awarded for every book they actually finish this summer.

I ranked 2nd to last place in the camp health forms sprint.  I thought I sent all of the forms in - 5 for each kid = 10 forms!  Unfortunately, I found the one form that was left behind and sent it out 3 days later - making me fall to almost last place. (I'm hoping that there is someone out there who hasn't sent ANY of their forms in yet).

In the suntan lotion meet, I've already purchased 4 spray bottles at $7 a pop and one tube of sunscreen for the face.  One bottle is almost empty and another is lost.  The two bottles that I bought on sale at Kmart have pumps that do not work. Add two impatient kids who hate putting on suntan lotion and I was almost ready to forfeit.

I think I will do well in the end-of-the-school-year decathalon.  This comes out to 1 talent show, 2 picnics, 2 class parties, 1 games day, 3 baseball games & teacher gifts. I'm a master juggler which comes in handy for this competition. Oh, and did I mention that I simultaneously have to do numerous loads of laundry and pack for vacation? Do I get a special award or honorable mention for this?

My biggest challenge is the jumping through hoops relay when I have to tag team with my family to make sure we have all the right clothes and the right labels on the clothes. Summer activities need to be put on different calendars. The right equipment for each activity needs to be purchased and constantly checked for repairs or replacements. I just hope that one of us remembers which day we are supposed to bring the team snacks.  The family is just about ready for the relay (rat) race - I just have to work on my dismount.

By the end of the summer, I hope to stand at the top of the podium cleared of any performance enhancing drugs in my system (with the exception of coffee), a few good stories and great memories.  I'll happily accept my medals and lead the torch towards the first day of school.

Happy (almost) Summer!

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  1. Last year was my first real Parents Olympics, and I felt BLINDSIDED. Holy smokes.
    I have my sunblock organized, camp deposit made, end-of year projects prepped, new swimsuits washed.
    I just hope I make it through.


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