Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6 Hours Off

Today is the holiday of Shavuot which is when Moses gets the Ten Commandments and the Torah and I get the day off. 

Six and a half hours to myself.  One would think that this is a gold mine of time, but it really isn't. My to-do list is a mile long and it would take twice the amount of time to get through half of the list.

At 8:30 am, I brought the kids to school and then came home to "clean up." This entailed folding and putting away 3 loads of laundry while watching the movie, Cocktail. 

The movie ended at 9:50 am.  I make my way out the door to go to the mall where I had a gift card. Prior to getting on the highway, I stopped to fill my gas tank.  I was approached by a young man with a white t-shirt that read U.S. Beef.

"Do you like steak? I finished delivering my orders and I have a lot left over. I'll sell it to you for half price right out of my truck," he says.

"We don't eat a lot of steak," I told him.

Not giving up, he asked me a follow up question.  "Do you like seafood?"  (Isn't this a pick up line from A Few Good Men?). "I have seafood too. I'll give that to you for 1/2 price.  Are you headed home? You could drop it off before you go out again."

While I like seafood, I don't particularly like to buy it out of the back of someone's truck. I politely told him no and got back in my car before he offered me some chicken breasts. (10:20 am)

Finally, I made it to the mall where I used my gift card to buy a pair of sunglasses. I also picked up some shorts before heading back home. (12 noon).

On the way back home, I called the salon to see if I could get my eyebrows done. She said I could come in at 12:45, which left me time to pick up something to eat.  I pulled into a shopping center to go to Subway - which turned out to be closed.  The Saladworks next door was packed and there was a woman in line who was ordering for 5 of her fellow co-workers.  I waited a while, but then decided that pizza was the better solution. (12:40).  I pulled into the parking lot of the salon at 12:45 pm and quickly ate my pizza before going in. Then, I made it home by 1:15.

As it is customary to observe this holiday with a dairy treat, I enjoyed a bowl of frozen yogurt. At 1:30, I sat down to write my blog post for the day (ta-da!).  It is now 2:06 pm. The kids come home from school soon. I have an hour and a half to "clean up."

I wonder what is on tv.

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