Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Resolution for 2011: Unsubscribe!

I subscribe to way too many email lists.  It is time to start weeding them out and clean up my email inbox once and for all. 

First, I went to Fandango. I recently purchased tickets to see Megamind.  It was very convenient - right down to printing the tickets out instead of standing in line on Christmas Day. But, after I saw the movie, I received 3 emails - one to confirm the tickets, one to see if I liked the movie (why do they care?) and one to offer me other tickets to buy. No thanks. Unsubscribe!

It took me a few extra minutes to figure out how to unsubscribe from  I don't need this website now that there is Facebook.  Apparently, unsubscribing is not good enough. You must close your entire account.  Of course, this option is not easy to find on the website. When I found it, I acutally yelled out, "A-HA, I found you!"  I was very pleased. Unsubscribe!

Then, I went to my work email account where I was recently put on a list serve called Atomic Survival.  This very scary email tells me all about the people who are out to destroy the world and what I can do to save myself and my loved ones.  How I got on this email list - I do not know.  Unsubscribe!

Now, if I could only find a way to unsubscribe from the emails that I get which are all in Hebrew.  Apparently, they don't understand English and refuse to release me from their strong cyber-grip.

Finally, there are the store websites that deliver sales information, coupons, free shipping and more.  These are the toughest ones for me to unsubscribe from.  For G-d sake, they provide me with coupons!!!  Why would I unsubscribe from savings?

I'll tell you why - because these companies email me once or twice a day and cause a blockage in my inbox that only a cyber-plumber could fix. Unsubscribe! (Except for maybe Barnes & Noble and Borders - I really use those).

So, here is New Year's Resolution #1 : When I give my email address to a website, I will look for the fine print and little check box that is always checked automatically for me to receive emails from now until forever.

Stay tuned for more resolutions and Happy New Year!   

Friday, December 24, 2010

Buried Treasures

While in the process of my home makeover, I have taken a lot of time to go through my closets, playroom, attic and shed. I've uncovered many treasures to keep and others to part with. Here is a brief list:

Baby furniture - Goodbye to strollers, booster seats and exersaucers. You did us good, but our kids are too big to play with you now.

Baby clothes - I parted with many clothes, but I had to keep a small sampling of how stylish my kids were as toddlers.

Maternity clothes - I had some great maternity clothes but now they too have been donated to someone who needs them. But, not before I went through each one and remembered my favorites.

Pictures from my bachlorette party - I couldn't throw them away but I hope my kids don't find them anytime soon.

My corsage from my senior prom as well as pictures of me at other formal dances. My daughter decided she liked my Junior prom dress the best.

Old diaries that I will probably let my kids read some day. They are living proof that I was once their age a long time ago.

Have to run, the next closet and piles of bags and boxes are calling my name. Feels good to purge lots of stuff and still take a walk down memory lane.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Jewish Kids, Happy Jewish Mommy

For 364 days out of the year, we are your typical American family.  December 25th is the only day that we are different from many other American families. We are Jewish and therefore do not celebrate Christmas. 

This morning, I asked my kids what they thought about not celebrating Christmas and if they felt left out.  I wasn't sure what response I would get.  With all of the decorations, music and specials on tv, it would only be natural that they would feel a little left out.

Happy to say though -  not my kids!

My daughter said, "We got our Hanukkah presents two weeks ago and it is our friends turn to get their presents this week."

My son said, "Christmas is very decorative."
Perhaps, they were dropping the hint that I should channel my inner Martha Stewart and decorate a little more for Hanukkah next year.  I can do that.  I've got a year to figure out how.

So, we can admire our neighbor's tree and Christmas lights down the street and not feel left out.  We will happily take any leftover Christmas cookies that they want to get rid of.  We can sleep in on Dec. 25th, then wake up and check the movie listings and finally see movies that we never got to see.  We will finish off the day with family and friends enjoying Chinese food and spending quality time together.

Scott & I can take great pride in the fact that two weeks ago we gave our kids the best Hanukkah we could - complete with dreidel games, menorah lighting, great Hanukkah songs and presents.  They went to a festive Hanukkah service, enjoyed Israeli dancing and a big chocolate feast of gelt and treats at our synagogue. Throw in a few Hanukkah parties thrown by family and friends and we can call it a great holiday.

Starting this Sunday, we can go back to our normal lives and ask the question that will be on everyone else's mind - what are we doing on New Year's Eve?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Gear Missing Alert!

ATTENTION! Frustrated suburban mom is putting out an APB on 2 red gloves and a blue lunchbox with a J embroidered on the front. Gloves last seen on the small hands of a 7 year old boy. Lunchbox last seen in the company of a 4th grader on the school playground. If found, please post on FB so that I can come pick them up and don't have to spend more hard earned money on said lost essential items.
Suspects who lost the above items were properly interrogated at 8:15 am (approx. 15 minutes before we have to leave for school).

 "Where are your gloves?" "Bring me your lunchbox. What do you mean you left it at school?"

Typical Responses:

"I don't know."
"I was in a hurry."
The Academy Award Response for Best Child Performance of Coming Up With A Good Excuse - "Mom, the girls were chasing me on the playground and pulled off my gloves and I couldn't get them back." (Note to young son - you aren't being chased by 6 ft giants on the playground. Go get your gloves off the ground!).

Action taken: Suspects were provided with the same lecture that this suburban mom was given by her parents 30 (gulp!) years ago. It was probably as effective then as it is now.

So, how many pairs of gloves and scarves and lunchboxes will go missing from your house this year?

P.S. - An UPDATE: Gloves and lunchbox were retrieved from the floor of the backseat of this suburban mom's SUV. CASE CLOSED! (Note to self - give suspects the equally ineffective lecture about bringing their belongings into the house from the car).

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Weird Travel Habit

Before I get on any airplane, I have to tap it twice on the outside to the right of the door - as if to say "Good plane - get me there safe and sound."  I know this is silly, but it makes me feel better about flying.

Yesterday, I flew back to Philly from Las Vegas. After boarding the plane and tapping the side of the plane as usual, I sat down in my seat and pulled out my People magazine. Much to my surprise, I found out that the cute guy who does those Old Spice commericals said his weird travel habit is to tap the plane three times before he boards his flight.

Wow! I was so relieved that someone out there didn't think I was crazy. But then I thought - how silly for him to tap the plane three times when twice works just fine!  

Okay, fess up - what is your weirdest travel habit???

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well, Excuuuuuse Me!

I am choosing between two companies to handle online payments for the new synagogue website.  I'm a pretty smart cookie but I don't know the difference between a Gateway and a merchant login.  And I couldn't tell you the ins and outs of encrypted credit card numbers to save my life.  

I'm sure that the representative I spoke to gives this speech 100x a day.  After he explained everything to me - while speaking at the speed of light - I asked him a few questions in an attempt to slow him down so that I could understand what he was talking about.  This was the sarcastic response I got -

"Ma'am, I'm not sure how I can explain this any clearer to you" 

I think someone needs to brush up on their people skills.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why I don't keep an "S-list"

Recently, someone asked me if they were on my "s-list."  I assured her that not only was she not on my list, but that I don't even keep such a list.

I think the concept of an "s-list" is just not in my nature.  There are many people in my life who love and support me for who I am and what I do.  There are other people who do not.  These people are not on any "s-list" because I don't spend my precious time worrying about them.   Why focus my energy on those who have wronged me and in turn be miserable?  What lesson does it teach my kids to be constantly upset and aggravated all of the time?

There is a great book that came out last year called "The Happiness Project."  It tells the true story of an author who spent a year focusing on things she can do every day to be happier in her life.  I loved this book and decided that I would much rather be a happy person too.  Here are some values in Judaism that prevent me from ever having such a list and keep me happy, such as:
  • Shalom Bayit - Family Harmony
  • Gemilut Khesed - Acts of Loving-Kindness
  • Hakhnasat Orkhim - Acts of Hospitality
By embracing these things in my own life, I will thankfully never have a need for such a list.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Weight Watchers...

Most of the time, I go with the flow.  I embrace change because I know that change is good and always constant.  While I appreciate your approach to a more healthy way of eating,  there are major changes in your program that take away what I love most about WW - convenience!

For instance, my points slider has become ineffective immediately as you are no longer counting calories in the mix when figuring out points value.  Now, you are asking me to purchase a $10 calculator to take with me to the supermarket.

My favorite Hungry Girl recipes are all labeled with the old points system. Not to mention that I already knew the points values of my favorite foods.  It is going to take a lot of time to recalculate all of that.

Hopefully, I'll get around to embracing this change in my life. It would have been nice if you waited until January to roll out the new program. Aren't we busy enough in December?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On my mind...

I've just spent the last half hour writing 3 posts - none of which I find remotely interesting enough to share at this time. 

It is hard to get one thought together when I've got too much on my mind. For instance, I'm trying to figure out how to pack for a 3 day business trip using one carry on suitcase.  Somehow, I have to get my big, bulky hair dryer in that little bag.  I hope I can do it.  The hotel hair dryer is never good enough for me.

On Monday, I'm starting my "OMG I'm turning 40 soon" diet.  My friend and I have vowed to be accountable to each other, keep a food diary, know the points value for every food we eat, try out a few new HG recipes and get to the gym a few more times a week. I gotta get to that certain number on the scale by February!

Tonight, I'm headed out to meet a bunch of old friends that I haven't seen in about 20 years. It is my SRJ BBYO (translated to be the South Jersey Region of the B'nai Brith Youth Organization) reunion.  Will they even recognize me? I suppose those who are my FB friends will.  It will either be a short visit or a long night.  Either way - I'm looking forward to it.  In my teenage years, these people changed my life in so many good ways and I'm eternally grateful for that.  I made lots of friends when I had so few in school.  I found my self confidence and learned how much I had to contribute to the world.  We share a lot of memories from the old JCC on Rt. 70 and summer camp that always bring a smile to my face. It will be great to reminisce with them about the good ole days. LOL!

I hope you enjoy what is left of your four day weekend! I know I will.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So thankful...

Every Thanksgiving, I am always thankful that I am not a turkey. Having said that, there are so many other things to be thankful for.
For my husband, - for too many reasons to count.  This year, I'm particularly thankful for his new job in Philadelphia that he enjoys and gets to trade in his 5 hour NYC commute for a 25 minute train ride. Our quaility family time is 100% better and we are all grateful for that.

For my daughter, who does well in school, has inherited my dry sense of humor and comedic timing, makes her own breakfast and loves to organize things around the house, asks me what I did at work today, takes an interest in everything and goes out of her way to be nice to people every day.

For my son, who does well in school, who cracks me up with his words and his antics (especially his impression of the Cake Boss), his boyish charm, and the fact that he gives me hugs and kisses every chance he gets.

For my parents, who raised me as a Phillies fan, a good egg, a people person and who always encourage me to follow my dreams.

For my in-laws, who help me at a drop of a hat, share their hearts, home, words of wisdom and fantastic clothes that my mother-in-law doesn't wear anymore. 

For my home, which is full of love and laughter, clutter and chaos. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

For my job, which perfectly matches my skills, personality and faith.  Every day is an opportunity to help someone form a connection whether with each other or within the community.  I'm lucky to be in a position to make that shidduch (match). I'm also thankful that I work with such wonderful people every day. 

For all of my friends, from our summertime Drinks on the Driveway parties with my neighbors to hanging out with girlfriends at a great restaurant, to "talking" on FB - I am thankful for the laughs shared, stories told and lasting memories.

Finally, I am thankful for reaching this stage of my life.  In my 20's and 30's, I spent plenty of time figuring out who I was and what I want. Now that I am on the verge of a new decade, I am happy with who I am, appreciate what I have and happy that I still have dreams to make come true.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8 days til Hanukkah

Preparing for Hanukkah can never top what my friends do to get ready to celebrate Christmas.  We don't hang lights, bake cookies or decorate trees.  However, there are plenty of things to do and this year - there is not a lot of time to get it all done.

  • Eight Crazy Nights - Do I have presents for each night for each child?  Where can I find Hanukkah paper when all I see is aisles of red and green gift wrap? Do I have enough gelt (chocolate coins)?
  • Light One Candle - Did I clean out the wax from the menorah after the 8th night of Hanukkah last year?  Where is the electric menorah for the window?  Do I need to buy Hanukkah candles? Remind the kids to brush up on their Hanukkah blessings.

  • Did you remember to check the oil? - Do I have enough vegetable oil to cook the latkes in?  Am I grating potato from scratch (remember the garbage disposal disaster of 2009)?  Hmm - maybe I'll buy the mix.  Oh wait, who has the Weight Watchers recipe for the potato latkes?  Who is bringing the sour cream and applesauce? Don't forget that my kids like ketchup on their latkes. 

  • Dreidels, Dreidels and more Dreidels - I don't encourage gambling in my house but when it comes to dreidel - we take no prisoners. Give me a gimmel (to take the entire pot of candy) or a hay for half the pot of candy (I'm on a diet).  No shins (put one in the pot) or nuns (no gelt for you!) here. Bring it on. From Texas Dreidel to Traditional Dreidel to dreidel spinning contests - we've got it all!

  • It's Not Just The Dreidel Song Anymore - Yes, I had a little dreidel and I made it out of clay.  Did you know that this is not the only Hanukkah song out there. Not even close. Here is one of my favorites - a YouTube video: Pass the Candle. If you like Laurie Berkner-esque music, check out Chanukah Fever and Funky Gold Menorah from the Mama Doni Band.
For a great (and brief) kid's video explaining the holiday, check out

Oy Vey! I think I'd better get moving .... 8 days til the 1st night of Hanukkah and so much to do!

Chag Sameach! Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous Hanukkah to all!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sacred Space

This week at my professional conference I learned about the idea of "sacred space." When asked what I do within my sacred space, I said that I spend the time with my children. But, while this is a nice thought - the true definition of sacred space is finding a moment to myself - to breathe, to relax and be in the moment.  Sounds hard doesn't it? I think so too.

In Dallas, I was fortunate to create sacred space for myself.  It is easy to do when there are no kids around, the phone isn't ringing off the hook and no email in front of my face.  It was easy to listen to those around me share their experiences, absorb what I could and plan for the future.

Now that I am back and I have a suitcase to unpack and kids to take to karate and help with their homework, not to mention about 80 emails to go through, sacred space seems like a foreign concept to me - again. But, for my own sanity, I must find it once a day. 

I must admit that I'm still looking for it today, but I am determined to find it before I lay my head on my pillow to go to sleep tonight.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going to the Gym: 5 am vs. 5 pm

Life is very hetic these days. So, in order to get the necessary amount of exercise that I need to lose weight, de-stress, and stay healthy, I have to resort to waking up at 5 am (ish) and head to the gym. My friends tell me that I crazy, but truthfully - it is not that bad.  Here is what people say and how I rationalize it:

  • "It's Cold Out There!"- It is dark and cold at 5 am and soon enough it will be dark and cold at 5 pm as we get closer to wintertime. So, in my mind, it makes no difference.
  • "I'll Never Get Out Of the House!"-
    As long as I sleep in my work out clothes and have my Ipod charged and my keys and shoes by the front door the night before, it is really a no-brainer to get out of the house. 

  • "There is no one at the gym at that hour!" Actually, the parking lot is pretty crowded at 5 am.  I was surprised about this too. And even with all of these people at the gym, I've never had to wait for a treadmill or a weight machine.
  • "My friends won't go with me." I use this to my benefit. I like to work out alone. It is quality "me time."  And, being at the gym is serious business at 5 am.  Lots of exercising and very little chit chat. If you are getting up at that ungodly hour - make it worth your while to get in a good work out.  Whenever I go at 5 pm, the gym feels more like a happy hour. There is lots of talking and socializing with a little exercise in between.
Although I rarely talk to anyone at the gym, I am very motivated by watching others work out. I get some great ideas and I like the fact that there are fewer people watching, laughing, and pointing at me as I attempt to try new things.

With a husband, two kids, a full time job, loads of activities and dinner to put on the table, there is just no way that I'm getting to the gym at 5 pm. An early morning workout allows me to cross something off my to-do list and start my day with lots of energy and a smile. You should try it sometime. Let me know how it goes. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hello, Yeah It's Been A While...

Welcome to a new & improved
Kvell Corner!

It has been 6 months since I've updated my blog and all I can say is that I am sorry about that.  But, I'm not necessarily apologizing to you (no offense).  I'm forgiving myself for all of the detours I've taken from one of the things that I love to do most of all - writing.

I don't believe in signs but I do believe that things happen for a reason. There are two things that recently happened to convince me to start blogging again. 

First, I took a class on blogging.  At work, we have been playing around with the idea of creating a blog.  Our attempts have been well received but - like many blogs - it went unattended.  I wanted to find out about best practices and how to use blogs to be both a resource and a personal connection to our community.  But, I was also secretly hoping it would be just the push I needed to write again. 

By the end of class, I was so excited about blogging again that I went home and put my new skills to use. (How do you like my new template?).

The next day, I opened my mailbox to find O magazine and the theme for the month is "What Is Your True Calling?"  Normally, I don't have the time to read O magazine cover to cover but I devoured this issue. It spoke to me as if I had my own personal coach. I've been reading the articles over and over again, but my favorite one is written by personal coach and writer, Martha Beck.

She wrote about the GPS in her car. When she gets lost, her GPS adjusts itself to show her how to get where she is going with a soothing tone creating a stress-free environment.  You never hear a GPS say - "you idiot, where are you going?" And we should never hear those words in our own minds either.  In her article, she encourages all of us to listen to our inner GPS, stop punishing ourselves for not following our hearts, and find our true calling.  It's good advice and I'm taking it!

So, I'm back to blogging and I'm so happy about it! This blog is purely personal, but I'm hoping to branch out to blogging in my professional life and other writing pursuits. Writing is not a chore for me. It brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. It is a calling. It is even more enjoyable when others respond with comments to my posts.  It is nice to know that I'm not just writing for my own enjoyment. LOL!  My next goal is to find a focus for my blog. Right now, it will be random "slice of life" posts, but I hope it will be much more than that - someday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tears of joy and sorrow

This has been a week of great highs and lows. I'll start out on a high note. For a little over 3 months, I've been losing weight and working to achieve my goal of finishing a 5K race by spring. I'm proud to say that after waking up at 5:30 every other morning and making the time in my day to exercise, I have accomplished both of these things.

In order to get motivated and train for the 5K, I enlisted the help of a personal trainer - my friend and fellow synagogue member, Rebecca Kahn. (If anyone wants her number, I'm happy to oblige). She put me on a program and step by step I started to get stronger. She coached me through every thought, feeling, ache & pain and promised that I would run a 5K in the early spring. At first, I thought she was crazy, but it turned out she was right. Together, we ran the entire 5K on Sunday. I finished in 36 minutes and 24 seconds. Many finished ahead of me, but I wasn't the last one either. When I crossed the finish line, I am not ashamed to say that I broke down in tears of joy - totally amazed at my accomplishment.

More tears occurred earlier in the week when our shul lost a bright star, Natan - a 13 year old boy who was killed in a terrible accident. Natan means "gift" and he truly was that to our community. A boy whose smile lit up the bima when he sang with the junior choir and just weeks ago as the king in our Purim shpiel (play). His intelligence was beyond his years. In the days following his death, I learned that he had great passion for everything he did in his life from tennis to chess.

As I ran the 5K on Sunday, I thought of him and his "can do" attitude which further inspired me to run that race in his memory.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What happened to the weekend?

It is almost 7 pm on Sunday and I feel like another weekend has passed me by. Weekends are supposed to be for R&R, right? Lately, they are extentions of the work week with errands, kids birthday parties, food shopping, etc.

This particular weekend, I was sick with a terrible cold which kept me out of commission from Wednesday to Saturday. Today, I worked in the morning, played catch-up with the laundry and now I am preparing myself for the chaos that Monday mornings normally bring.

I did have time to sit at the Sisterhood Ladies Tea at the synagogue this afternoon with my daughter which was nice. It was basically the only time that I sat down all day. I should have savored the moment more because 2 hours later I found myself scrubbing down the bathroom.

As I look forward to next weekend, there is nothing on the calendar. Nothing that is until Sunday, when I am going to run in my first 5K ever. I'm excited because it looks like next weekend could be my next chance for some R&R. I hope...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Worried for nothing...

When my daughter first joined the junior choir at the synagogue, I feared that it would hamper her ability to read Hebrew. I though that she would memorize the songs and liturgy and that would be it. I asked the choir director and cantor if my worries were valid. They politely told me not to worry. And it turns out - much to my delight - that I was wrong.

When I hear her read from her Hebrew primer (10 minutes a night, 5x a week -most of the time LOL), she recognizes the words and starts singing a prayer or part of a song that she learned in choir practice for Family services. Tonight's word was "oneg" - oh yeah - she knew what that was. (For those who don't know - the oneg is the cookies and desserts served after Shabbat services). She gets excited that she recognized the word and goes on to read what other words are familiar.

Hebrew is taught in such a different way now than when I was a kid (Thank G-d!). I remember my primitive primer with endless lines of text and the hebrew letter of the week centered at the top of the page in 36 pt. font size. Today's Hebrew primer has colorful pictures, writing activities, and basic words and themes that relate to the words she is reading. And guess what - it comes with a computer game too! She can play Hebrew video games and listen to someone read the words back to her to make sure she got them right. Positive reinforcement - Love it!

Even my 6 year old, who doesn't start Hebrew for another 2 1/2 years follows along. Who could ask for anything more?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

An 80's Purim Shpiel in the works...

After the Purim Schpiel (play) ended and we finished up the last of the hamantashen, I started to think about next year's celebration. As a program director, I am always thinking ahead and trying to come up with creative ideas. While Purim is not one of the holidays I oversee, I thought about what kind of Purim Shpiel I wanted to see next year. And then it hit me - a Totally Radical 80's Purim Shpiel!

As a child of the 80's and huge fan of movies, music and the lingo (which I manage to slip into regular conversation from time to time), I started to think of how "totally awesome" it would be. The first song was easy - Vashti could sing "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" right after she says (in a Valley Girl voice) "Dude - I am not going to your gag me with a spoon!" When the king chooses a new queen, we hear Mambo #5 as the theme music ("A little bit of Monica in my life; a little bit of Erica by my side ...").

Anyway, it is a work in progress, but I have visions of Haman quoting Bender in the Breakfast Club with his iconic quote, "You couldn't ignore me if you tried" and the entire cast at the end putting on sunglasses and dancing to "The Future's So Bright - I Gotta Wear Shades.

Well, I've got a year to work on it...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oy Vey! More Snow?

Just when I thought it was safe to put the shovel and snowman kits away and just in time for my son to lose his snow gloves at school, the weather forecast calls for more snow.

I should have picked this year to go to spring training in Florida this week. :(

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Born to Run?

I have a love/hate relationship with exercise. I love the way I feel after I am done exercising, but I hate getting myself out there to actually do it. I thought I tried everything - I am not coordinated enough to take any of the classes. I usually get frustrated at my lack of balance and endurance and leave soon after class starts. I liked the spin class for a while, but if you don't get there early enough (and I mean REALLY early in the morning) - you don't get a bike. Weight lifting is a little too intimidating, but I am willing to get into a routine. The eliptical machine has been a long time friend - but is now getting a little dull.

The only thing that I have found that I enjoy - to my great surprise- is running. I love the cool air in my face when I run outside. I love listening to my Ipod playlists with corny songs like the theme from Rocky and my favorite 90's big hair heavy metal tunes. The best part is that it is truly "me time." No one is running after me with a question or an issue that needs to be solved right away. This is my time to let out a little stress, listen to my tunes, and let my mind wander.

In order to get the essence of running, I've hired a personal trainer. We meet once a month and she keeps me motivated, gives me a plan and sage advice to ensure success. Best money I've ever spent! Why should my kids get all of the money to do fun activities. While I won't keep my trainer forever, having her by my side or just a phone call away keeps me motivated, dedicated and committed to my goal. And it is paying off! I've lost about 8lbs so far. My legs are looking a little less flabby and I'm losing a little of my muffin top. Thanks to her - I've set a new goal for myself - to run and cross the finish line of a 5K race this spring. Wish me luck...

To end, this Jersey girl quotes that infamous Jersey boy from my playlist - "Baby,(maybe) we were born to run...."