Monday, February 2, 2009

Piles of Pictures

I've been cleaning out my closets lately and recently I came across a big plastic bin of old pictures. In the past, I would take out this box and put it right back without opening it or doing anything to organize the photos. About a month ago, I decided not to put the box back and instead organize the photos and buy photo albums to put them in.

I did not realize what a large task this was. At first, I was very motivated and spent many nights pouring over the pictures, organizing them in piles (one pile for my daughter, one pile or my son, one pile for our trip to Disney, etc). After a while, it got a little tiresome so the pictures sat on my dining room table for another week before I touched them again.

Finally, I realized that I needed my dining room back in order. So, over the weekend, I plowed through the rest of the pictures. No wonder it takes so long. The thoughts that go through your head while taking on this project are so random:

"This picture will be great for the bat mitzvah montage - in five years"

"Look how skinny I am in this picture - someday I'll be that skinny again."

"Who is that?"

"Why did I make doubles?"

I am happy to say that 90% of the original pile of photos is now organized in photo albums. But, when I went looking for a place to put the albums - guess what I found - MORE PICTURES!

Oy Vey - will this project ever end?