Friday, June 3, 2011

Be Lazy According to God's Will

This week's prompt from The Red Dress Club insists that we continue with the 7 Deadly Sins. This week's sin is Sloth.

I don't have much to say about spiritual apathy because I haven't experienced it myself.  Every day, I have the opportunity to "do Jewish" because of my work in the Jewish community.  I do this through my writing, teaching, connecting and basically being a part of this community. I feel blessed by the tasks that I do which brings me great satisfaction both personally and professionally.

In the Jewish faith, G-d recognizes our hard work and gives us a day off.  It's called Shabbat. It says in Genesis that G-d created the heavens and the earth in six days and he rested on the seventh day.  So, why shouldn't we do the same?  Who are we to question this great gift that G-d has bestowed upon us. In my opinion, it would be more of a sin to return it!

On Shabbat, Jews are not permitted to work.  In Jerusalem, shops are closed for business and there are no cars on the street.  Jews around the world use this day to spend time with our families and reflect on the week gone by.  We attend services, sing, recite blessings, enjoy meals together and some (well-deserved) downtime from all of the chaos. We are encouraged to have relations with our spouses and sleep a little longer than usual.

It is a holy day for spiritual growth and it is not at all apathetic.  In fact, it is the opposite.  Shabbat gives us permission to take some time for ourselves and appreciate our world and all of its wonders. I consider it one of the greatest gifts of my faith and I would never think of giving it back.

It doesn't make me lazy either. In fact, it makes me a better person - each and every week.

When it is time for the week to begin again - we say Shavua Tov to wish someone a good coming week. We know that we are well-prepared for the week ahead and look forward to it.  And we know that Shabbat is the gift that keeps on giving and in six days (G-d willing!) we will unwrap it again.


  1. Just one more thing that makes our outlook unique. Thanks for writing this!

  2. Our society today seems to think we are sloth if we aren't run run running everywhere all the time!

    Hubby and I try to make Sundays (Christian Sabbath) a family day where we either don't do much, or go do something interesting together. Yes, sometimes a little yardwork gets stuck in there too... but I'm glad my hubby now has a job that lets him have Sundays with us instead of going to work.

  3. I really hate that so much of our society has gotten away from this. Not even Sundays are sacred anymore, even my bank just posted Sunday hours. Great point you make here!

  4. I love this and the focus on family time and focused downtime if you will.

  5. I work at a Jewish preschool (but am not Jewish) and SO love the traditions and amazingly wonderful family oriented things the culture has to offer. Every Friday morning, we make challah, sing songs, love each other and prepare for the weekend. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing and reminding me to bring some of that Shabbat feeling home with me.

  6. I also love this outlook on sloth. I don't believe I am too slothful when I have my quiet time with Him. It may seem that way to others if my dishes still need to be done and I'm sitting in my chair reading the Bible but the dishes can wait. Visiting from TRDC

  7. I totally agree. Shabbat sounds amazing and good for a family.

  8. yup i agreed with you dude. Thats true.


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