Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mission Impossible

Tonight, the kids and I decide to take a quick trip to the shoe store to buy new shoelaces. This turned into a parent's version of Mission Impossible and an hour of my time that I will never get back.

Store #1 - Sales woman (at a kids-only shoe store) removed her earphones for a brief moment to tell me that they don't sell shoelaces any more - just shoes. Okay....

Store #2 - Only sells shoelaces for adults and by the way - the shoe store on the 3rd floor is owned by the same company and they don't have them either.

Store #3 - Doesn't sell shoelaces - just shoes and suggested that I go to store #5. Called store #5 first to see if they had said shoelaces. They said, "I think so." Not real reassuring so I decided to try store #4 first.

Store #4 - Thought a hit the jackpot after I was told there was a whole rack of shoelaces in the back of the store.  They were sure to be there! No dice - All adult sizes. Decided to risk one more stop at store #5.

Store #5 - So close - they had a whole rack of kid's shoelaces in multicolors - except for black in the size that we needed.  Since the three of us were too tired to make an attempt at Store # 6, we settled on the white shoelaces for black and red sneakers.  Maybe we will start a new fashion trend - at least he won't fall down in gym class tomorrow.

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