Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going to the Gym: 5 am vs. 5 pm

Life is very hetic these days. So, in order to get the necessary amount of exercise that I need to lose weight, de-stress, and stay healthy, I have to resort to waking up at 5 am (ish) and head to the gym. My friends tell me that I crazy, but truthfully - it is not that bad.  Here is what people say and how I rationalize it:

  • "It's Cold Out There!"- It is dark and cold at 5 am and soon enough it will be dark and cold at 5 pm as we get closer to wintertime. So, in my mind, it makes no difference.
  • "I'll Never Get Out Of the House!"-
    As long as I sleep in my work out clothes and have my Ipod charged and my keys and shoes by the front door the night before, it is really a no-brainer to get out of the house. 

  • "There is no one at the gym at that hour!" Actually, the parking lot is pretty crowded at 5 am.  I was surprised about this too. And even with all of these people at the gym, I've never had to wait for a treadmill or a weight machine.
  • "My friends won't go with me." I use this to my benefit. I like to work out alone. It is quality "me time."  And, being at the gym is serious business at 5 am.  Lots of exercising and very little chit chat. If you are getting up at that ungodly hour - make it worth your while to get in a good work out.  Whenever I go at 5 pm, the gym feels more like a happy hour. There is lots of talking and socializing with a little exercise in between.
Although I rarely talk to anyone at the gym, I am very motivated by watching others work out. I get some great ideas and I like the fact that there are fewer people watching, laughing, and pointing at me as I attempt to try new things.

With a husband, two kids, a full time job, loads of activities and dinner to put on the table, there is just no way that I'm getting to the gym at 5 pm. An early morning workout allows me to cross something off my to-do list and start my day with lots of energy and a smile. You should try it sometime. Let me know how it goes. :)

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