Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tween In My House

A messy room
Bed covers crumpled, not straightened
Papers everywhere, never in a neat pile
One earring missing, never to be found
Clothes on the floor, waiting for me to pick up

Honey, do you know where your girl scout sash is?

A great wardrobe
Better than my own
Prefers sweatpants and leggings
and wearing shorts in 50 degree temperatures
Loves tops that are worn off the shoulder
And my sunglasses
Complains that her shoes that don't fit anymore

Mom, can you take me to the mall?

A good kid
Who does well in school
And has lots of friends
A kind person who includes everyone in her inner circle

Dad, can I have friend sleepover this weekend?

A tween
who has a messy room
a great wardrobe
lots of friends
and still needs me to get tomato stains from her shirt sleeves

I point this out
and she says
"But mom, it's all part of my charm".

I have to agree. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. I so relate to this post! Love your blogging..keep it up!


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