Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My TLC Dream

How nice would it be if I walked out of my room in my work clothes and Stacy London is right there to say "Shut the front door!"

What a confidence boost that would be to start my day. :)

And THEN, how nice it would be if I happened to run into that TV chef at the grocery store who wants to come to my house and cook dinner for my family. I think I'd keep him.

And THEN, how nice would it be to go home and find Nate Berkus at my doorstep with his crew to redecorate my bedroom. (I know - I'm switching channels here). I think I'd keep him too.

And THEN, I could walk outside to see Peter Walsh (switching channels again) in his sexy British accent instructing me how to clear out the clutter from the office. Anything you say Peter...

And THEN, I wake up, reality sets in and I start my day.

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