Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye to the latkes!

To take a lyric from my son's Hanukkah song

"I had a little latke, I made it out of clay"
"And when I tried to eat it, my tummy says Oy Vey!"

How many latkes have I had? - Let me count the parties.

Expensive Latkes
Location: Andrew's Preschool Hanukkah Party - I made latkes for the class and it cost me $350 the next day which I had to pay the plumber after I put the potato scraps down the garbage disposal. Next time, I'll buy the mix.

Healthy Latkes
Location: Hanukkah Brunch with my in-laws - Delicious, Weight Watcher recipe latkes - but still ate too many.

Lotsa Latkes
Location: Hanukkah Party with my Chavurah
- Latkes everywhere - and latke-leftovers galore! Great party with great friends. Each family lit a menorah and we all did the blessings together. Definitely a holiday highlight.

Latke Overload
Location: Hanukkah Dinner with my parents - I asked my mom what we were having - guess what - more latkes! Apparently, my dad didn't get to eat any during the 8 days of Hanukkah. Oh well, what's one or two more latkes, right?! Who says I'm not a trooper...

I think I'll take potatoes off the shopping list for a while.

Happy New Year to all!

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